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Save your business valuable time when you automate your orders with e-Procurement. Eliminate repetitive tasks and needless paperwork, and maintain full control over your orders.

When ordering parts, the internal expenditure of time and money can add up. For small parts, internal process costs may exceed the actual value of the goods many times over. With electronic procurement, you can reduce costs that accrue through manual procurement processes, and save time to focus on your core business.

Join the ranks of over 10,000 companies that make purchases with Wurth electronically. We offer various methods of purchasing digitally including enterprise resource planning software, online marketplaces or our own e-Shop.

Reduce your procurement process costs by up to 30% with your current e-procurement system, or learn about our wide range of services below

  • Avoid unnecessary overstocks to recover space and cut costs

  • Monitor budgets in real time

  • Automate orders and reduce procurement costs

  • Digitise documents to save on time and avoid errors

We will be glad to tailor a purchasing solution to your needs, and help you every step of implementation. Our products are available through numerous platforms and marketplaces, to suit any organisation and any e-procurement system.

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