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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows standardized messages to be exchanged between information systems, without the need for human intervention, to avoid mistakes and delays generated by the exchange of paper documents such as order confirmations, delivery receipts, invoices, etc.

After sending your order to Würth via EDI, your company receives and manages all documents directly in its management system, making the activities of the purchasing office, accounting department and administration more efficient.

What data can be exchanged through EDI?

Thanks to EDI for B2B purchases, Würth can provide its customers with various electronic data, such as:

  • packing slips to automate goods receipt

  • detailed and/or aggregate invoices to make it easier to control purchases and payments

  • dedicated queries, such as purchase entry lists

  • two-way information flows, such as order confirmations

Why trade using EDI?

The exchange of company-supplier documents is one of the most critical activities for purchasing and accounting departments. Order confirmations, transport documents, invoices and other documents are usually transmitted by email, letter or fax, and each supplier may have a different management system.

The transmission of paper documents involves numerous time-consuming activities that are prone to error, such as mistranslating data from paper to management system or the loss of a document necessary for tax accounting and archiving, causing frustrating delays in trade.

Advantages of EDI paths

B2B EDI solutions enable automatic, constant alignment of purchasing and billing processes between the e-procurement system of customers and suppliers, freeing all departments involved from carrying out low value-added activities. Trading with EDI allows:

  • sharp reduction in human involvement

  • eliminate manual errors

  • greater accuracy of information exchanged

  • increased security in document management and storage

  • reducing processing time and costs

  • elimination of paper documents and their costs

  • faster purchasing processes

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