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Use cost centre management to budget projects and analyse costs per department

One advantage of an e-Procurement system is the ability to manage cost centres accurately and quickly, reducing additional costs related to manual data entry, which are often performed after the fact. These activities needlessly consume time and leaves room for error.

The Würth e-Shop allows you to create cost centres (accounting units in which costs are recorded) to assign entire orders or single items to the relevant department or budget.

With this solution, you can then take an overview of the purchases made by the various cost centres in a given period and export the data obtained in CSV or Excel format.

Why activate cost centres in the Würth e-Shop?

In structured companies, common materials are often used in multiple projects or at different sites. To understand which products have been purchased for which order, and to account for the correct costs for each customer, buyers often have to perform a cost analysis after the fact, in manual and labour-intensive activities.

What are the benefits of digital cost centre management?

Managing cost centres directly from the Würth online shop:

  • allows companies that use e procurement to keep track of a job’s cost accurately and quickly

  • enables buyers to verify and charge their customers the correct amount

  • makes billing more accurate

How do I enable this feature on the Würth e-Shop?

Cost centre management on the Würth e-Shop is quick and easy to implement.

Simply log in to your e-Shop account and go to the Company Settings menu, then create the relevant cost centres for your dedicated areas.

You can name the cost centre and assign it to track items, orders or users.

To assign an order or item to a cost centre, simply enter the information from the shopping cart.

Log into your Wurth e-shop account to enable cost centres now

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