Arts & Culture

Adolf Würth Gallery Adolf Würth Gallery Adolf Würth Gallery Adolf Würth Gallery Adolf Würth Gallery

Art and culture form an integral part of the Würth Group. Initiated by Professor Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, a museum and an event hall for lectures, conferences, concerts, readings, cabaret and others were integrated into the administrative building of the Würth Group HQ in Künzelsau, Germany. Ever since the opening in 1991, these facilities have become special magnets both for the company’s employees and for the interested public at large.

Since this opening there have been dedicated art galleries opening around the world within Würth offices; Austria, Belgium, Denmark and France to name but a few. The aim was to keep the art accessible to the public and integrated with the employees daily lives at Würth around the world. For countries without dedicated galleries, there are great works of art that line the corridors so employees and guests can still draw inspiration from, enjoy and get a feel for a part of the Würth core culture.