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isi!! Hazardous Substances Management

The large number of chemical products used by companies today requires detailed specialist knowledge of the regulations governing the respective applications as well as the provision and storage of hazardous substances.

In order to reduce these efforts, Würth Ireland offers their customers an innovative, web-based service called isi!! Hazardous Substance Management

Thanks to this integrated solution, Our Würth customers can make sure they comply with legal requirements, minimise potential dangers and only use such products and systems that meet the highest demands with regard to user safety and environmental protection.

  • Support for legally compliant Handling chemical products
  • Minimisation of hazard potentials
  • Reduced costs thanks to efficient processes
  • More concentration on core business
  • Less administrative effort

So, what is the isi!! Hazard Management System?

We have implemented a Risk and COSHH Assessment for Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland into our website!

This tool will help you easily comply with legal requirements, save you administration time and gives you one place for all of your regulation documents.

Here is what isi!! can offer you!


Safety data sheets (SDS):

Safety data sheets are automatically updated on a daily basis. The users receive emails informing them about changes to safety data sheets. In isi!! Hazard Substance Management, such changes are indicated by a special symbol next to the product.

Protective Measures

Risk assessment / Protective measures:

Work-related assessments according to the Health and Welfare Work Act 2005 for the Republic of Ireland and COSHH Risk Assessment for Northern Ireland, can be made with the help of prepared checklists. We also offer hand, eye, ear and breathing protection which can be used alongside hazardous substances.

Operating Instructions

Operating instructions:

Editable operating instruction templates for Würth chemical products are available. The operating instructions detail the proper handling of the hazardous substances used as well as specify required protective measures and modes of behaviour.


Storage of hazardous substances:

When storing hazardous substances, a great number of regulations must be adhered to, for instance the common storage of chemical articles, storage quantities, storage locations, storage possibilities etc. We can offer our customers safety cabinets for the storage of chemicals and many more products from our range.



isi!! Hazardous Substance Management offers the opportunity to manage briefing measures for employees and to guarantee the regular briefing of employees thanks to automatic reminders. Furthermore, we provide an editable template of a briefing confirmation.

Hazardous substance inventory:

Hazardous substance inventories relating to specific work areas are drawn up automatically and can be managed online. The hazardous substance inventory aims at providing an overview of the hazardous substances produced or used at the company.

The following information is included:

  • Description and article number of the hazardous material
  • Labelling (hazardous substances pictograms, H statements, P statements, water hazard class and storage class)
  • Quantity data
  • Description of work areas where employees may come into contact with hazardous substances
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How to use isi!! To do your risk assessments?

This service is accessed via your online account, so all you need to do is log on and you will be able to print off the corresponding Risk/COSHH Assessment in just a few minutes!

This time-saving service is now also available as a user friendly app on your smart-phone or tablet, online and offline so you can access your documents anytime.