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ORSY®Mat Product Vending Machines


ORSY®Mat is our automated solution for registered issuing of consumable products as well as high-value articles.

Our vending machines enable product dispensing 24/7 and include a user registration system to track product use.

Our product vending systems are ideal for storing and accessing your most-frequently used product supplies and allows workers to equip themselves with high quality equipment without waiting for manual approvals from managers or the help of warehouse and storeroom personnel.

ORSY®Mat makes product acquistion fast, safe and easy and can be configured to automatically reorder high-demand articles, saving you time and money throughout the procurement process and workday.

   Product availability
Access storage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
   Increased productivity
As close as possible to your work to save time
   Reducing costs
Save on the consumption of stored products, reduce losses
   Optimal consumption
Traceability and tracking of all uses.

Track product consumption in real time with our automatic dispenser

ORSY®Mat’s digital connection allows you to log product withdrawals and track consumption levels within a department or on an individual level. Analyse the most in-demand articles and reduce waste by tracking team member’s withdrawal frequency. User logins aim to reduce damages and losses of high value items such as power tools.

Product usage is monitored in real-time and allows automatic reordering once an article is depleted.

The modular vending solution to maximise your output

We offer numerous vending machine designs as well as the ability to link several units to ensure you can reliably stock your most in-demand articles across a wide range of products.

ORSY®mat Spiral
Spiral Dispenser
  • Suits a wide variety of products
  • Variety of spiral sizes available
  • Stores up to 40 unique articles
ORSY®mat Flap
Flap Dispenser
  • Stores a wide range of products
  • Equipment can be returned
  • 5 to 65 lockers per unit
ORSY®mat Drum
Rotating Dispenser
  • Stores small parts and PPE
  • Variable compartment sizes
  • Up to 384 secure compartments
Weighted Dispenser
  • Convenient access
  • Accurate to 1g
  • Automatic reordering

Tailored to your Needs: Top Articles for ORSY®Mat

Here are some of our most popular products stocked in ORSY®Mat units

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