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What are PPE vending machines and how do they work?

Vending machines for PPE and other consumable products are automatic and customizable modular storage units which guarantee the unlimited supply of materials, without clutter limits and without waste. They integrate seamlessly into the PPE and materials procurement system, without requiring adaptations in business operations processes.

What other products can a PPE vending machine manage?

Available in various models – with spirals, plates, drawers and counters – each vending machine can handle products such as:

  • PPE – Personal protective equipment

  • Tools and screwdriver

  • Materials processing products and cutting discs

  • Adhesive Tapes

  • Technical Chemicals

  • Workwear

  • Electrical Tools

Why centralise PPE distribution?

The manual distribution of PPE in the various business departments originates a long and complex process that makes it difficult to track the distribution that has taken place and generates numerous inefficiencies for the warehouse and the Purchasing Office, such as waste from repetitive and low-value-added activities, material storage, movements and unnecessary time wasting.

Advantages of automatic PPE dispensers

Using the automatic dispensers of PPE, the time consumption of associated staff is greatly reduced: it will be the vending machine that will perform the repetitive and low-value-added functions carried out previously by the warehouse worker and the Head of the Purchasing Office. The vending machine keeps track of all the withdrawals made and automatically communicates to the with the goods to be reordered.

With vending machines for PPE and other products, the company enjoys the following benefits:

  • 24 hour availability of PPE and other materials

  • Automatic reordering of depleted products

  • Safe storage of the most expensive items

  • Reduction of lost items

  • Procurement and inventory optimisation

  • Tracking and logging equipment withdrawals

  • Stock statistics and reporting

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