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Würth Ireland is committed to providing valuable training content for designers and specifiers through the on-going development of a suite of topics.

As a company, we are registered with the CPD Certification Service (Member number: 14355) for the accreditation of appropriate learning materials.

Training Modules CPD Service Accredited
CPD1 - The Selection of Construction Fixings   
CPD2 - Influencing Factors for Anchor Design   
CPD3 - Würth Anchor Design Software n/a
CPD4 - Post Installed Shear & Punching Shear Strengthening  
CPD5 - Post-installed Rebar Connections  
CPD6 - Temporary Works  
CPD7 - Durability of Bonded Anchors  
CPD8 - Post Installed Masonry - Testing & Design  

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