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Quickly reorder items and access your account from anywhere with the Würth App

One issue facing companies large and small is the flexibility of operators working off-site. Whether it is an electrician on site or an external team on the road, when a specific product is missing, the challenge is the same: you have to buy it as soon as possible in order to continue the work.

In most cases, the technician leaves the site and goes to a hardware supplier in search of the product, without being sure to find it. The manager of the external team will do the same or call the Purchasing Office and dictate to the phone the code of the article to be reordered, potentially inaccurately transmitting the information.

When a craftsman or the external team of a large company operates off-site it becomes difficult to reorder the products needed for that order quickly and accurately: the risk of having to wait a long time to look for the product or to reorder a wrong item is very high.


With the Würth App, you can use the Würth e-Shop’s main features any time any place, removing the issues surrounding off-site reordering.

The Würth App allows you to:

  • Save time with Click & Collect, to order a product and pick it up in 60 minutes at your nearest Würth store

  • Remotely send orders to the Purchasing Office Manager where multilevel purchase authorization is required

  • Scan product barcodes to add items directly to the app shopping cart and quickly check out


The Würth App is particularly suitable for craftsmen working off-site and for away external teams from large companies.

With this solution, all external operators can quickly and effortlessly reorder urgent products, reducing unnecessary time wasting and eliminating any errors.

Both external and internal operators from companies that use e procurement can use a smartphone as a barcode reader and capture items to be reordered in a simple and timely way, both by reading barcodes directly from the depleted product, as well as from barcode catalogs.

Simply download the Würth App for Android or iOS and log into your account to get started

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