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ORSY®Racking is our solution for maintaining orderly storage for consumable products, when products must be kept accessible and organised to ensure the uninterrupted flow of work.

Our shelving system is modular and designed by you to meet your specific requirements in storing your most-used products.

Why ORSY®Racking is right for you

Quick access to articles; store all Würth products
Labelled for easy re-stocking
Rapidly take stock
   Customised for You
Designed and equipped to your specifications

Tailored to Your Tastes

Plan your ORSY® Rack with our specialists Previsualisation of ORSY® Rack Installation

All ORSY® storage setups are custom-built to each customer's requirements and specifications.

Make sure your racking is the perfect fit for your premises by choosing the perfect modules, including shelving for small and large components, chemicals, tools and more.

Spend some time discussing your needs and workflow bottlenecks with our specialists who will listen to your storage criteria and prepare a model of a potential racking installation with our shelving planning software.

Agree on the shelving dimensions and layout before making any comittment.

3D previsualisation of ORSY® Rack storage modules

Combine with the Würth app for easy reordering


Restocking your ORSY has never been easier. Not only will your Würth representitive visit you regulary to take your orders, you can now use Online Shop or Mobile App to easily stock up.

Each product on your Orsy shelving system can be labeled with a unique barcode. Simply open up the Würth App and scan your products straight into your basket.

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