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Technical Anchoring Information

Our anchor technology is designed to meet the demands of all modern construction applications.

A combination of our high quality fasteners and our chemical adhesives provides unparalleled anchoring for tasks in all trades.

Use the Technical Documents link below to access documents related to our anchors including safety data sheets, technical information and approval guides.

Choose Services to learn more about our anchoring resources and services including anchor design software and additional literature.

Global Technical Support
Global Technical Support
International technical support for your high end projects.

Support for applications not covered in by current standards. Learn more.

Technical Advice
Technical Advice
Solve your fastening problems with our competent team of Engineers.

How we can help you? Find out more.

Onsite Support
Project Site Support
Helping to ensure safety, installation quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness on-site.

Need support on-site? Find out how we can help.

Anchor Design Software
Design Software
Würth Anchor Design Software

Simplify the complex calculation and design of anchors with the free Wurth Anchor Design Software. Learn more.

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