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Personal Protective Equipment

Explore our range of PPE products for all trades and industries including protective gloves, glasses and masks, as well as cleaning products and disinfectants. We provide safety equipment for tradespeople including protective footwear, hearing protection, protective headgear and work clothing.

In our changing world, increased consideration is now being given to the areas of personal barrier protection, social safety measures and workplace sanitation. Würth is dedicated to providing top quality personal protective equipment suitable for the most demanding uses including protective gloves, breathing protection, eye protection and cleaning products.

Supply Chain

As PPE demand has exploded we have adapted to challenges by finding new sources and modifying our supply chain. We are working hard to ensure we remain stocked with our most popular articles. In some cases this has caused the material and production costs to rise in some cases.

Please use the below sections to keep informed about our stock levels of all our PPE product ranges. This page is periodically updated to reflect stock levels.

Barrier protection, sanitation and safety

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought barrier protection methods and increased workplace hygiene to the fore. As lockdown restrictions ease and many businesses resume trading, new measures must be implemented to ensure safer operation and reduce the risk of spreading pathogens.

To help workplaces and customer-facing businesses meet recommended health guidelines, we have expanded our range of PPE products to include the below articles.

Hand Protection

Our best-selling disposable gloves are durable and suited to universal applications. Their thick nitrile composition ensures they seal your hands and resist tearing, while their diamond pattern provides unparalleled grip for a disposable glove.

Breathing Protection

While stocks of disposable face masks and respirators are presently depleted, we also offer reusable filtered face masks. Compatible with a range of filters for particulate, gaseous or biological material, our reusable respirators are guaranteed to protect your airways from airborne particles at work or otherwise.

We now offer washable fabric face masks to reduce the transmission of airborne microbes such as COVID-19 and influenza.

Eye Protection

Alongside breathing protection and protective gloves, the WHO recommends eye protection to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. We at Würth offer a wide range of protective eyewear, to keep your safe from sparks, chippings and liquids. From safety glasses to goggles and full-face shields, consider our high quality and reusable eye protection to keep you safe.

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Protective Clothing

Protect your whole body with our protective clothing. We offer a wide range of PPE and Industrial Safety Equipment to ensure safe working in all conditions, including disposable and reusable protective suits for painting, working with chemicals and intensive cleaning jobs, as well as high-visibilty clothing, waterproof work clothes, durable overalls and work pants.

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In our e-Shop product catalogue you can find additional protective equipment including head protection, protective footwear, reusable and disposable hearing protection, PPE for working at heights, and safety equipment for sites and workshops.