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Stay warm and win against the weather this winter with Würth!

See our range of workwear and equipment for the cold season! We have a huge range of products ideal for protecting you and helping you carry on working on wet and cold wintery days!

Find out about our essential winter products in their respective categories below.

Automotive Winter Essentials

Don't let the cold weather hold you back from doing your best work! See our products for mechanics, garages and dealerships throughout the winter months.

Windscreen Wiper Blades

Make sure your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition.

During the winter months, it is essential to have your windscreen wipers in fine working condition, to help you repel snow, hail and rain.

Stock up on new wiper blades for your personal or company vehicles, or your customers' vehicles.

De-Icer Spray

Quickly remove ice and frost from vehicle windscreens with our ethanol-based Super De-Icer Spray.

Super De-Icer Spray is gentle on vehicles' rubber and plastic parts as well as paint while quickly removing ice, and features a citrus fragrance

Screenwash Plus with Antifreeze

Keep your windscreen clean and clear of ice with our screenwash with added antifreeze.

Screenwash Plus with Antifreeze prevents the buildup of frost after using your vehicle's screenwash sprayer and wipers in temperatures as low as 15°C!

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Workwear Winter Essentials

Be prepared with thermal workwear ideal for cold and wet conditions this winter.

Winter Work Gloves

Work in warmth and comfort with the same quality protection you expect from our work gloves.

Winter Hats

Beat brain freeze with our warm winter hats!

Work Boots

Protect your feet and work in comfort with our range of warmer work boots

Grado X Safety Boots

Grado X Safety Boots feature a watertight membrane to keep your feet dry, while the breathable inner lining and leather exterior keeps your feet warm against cold outside air.

Non-slip Vibram® soles provide comfort and enhanced safety on wet or otherwise slippy surfaces.

Certainly our most robust cold weather work boot, the Grado X Safety Boots' waterproofing is guaranteed to offer approximately 7 hours of dryness

Winter Safety Boots

Our Winter Safety Boots' breathable leather construction and padding, plus a fleece lining, provides warmth and comfort throughout your work day.

Work in confidence in a variety of climatic conditions with non-slip PU soles.

Hydro Safety Boots

The Hydro S3 Safety Boots offer a water-repellent leather exterior along with a waterproof inner membrane to keep your feet dry for up to 7 hours.

The Vibram non-slip outer sole and interior heel support permit more comfortable, safer work in all conditions

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Antibacterial Products

Disinfect surfaces and protect yourself from cold and flu germs with our antibacterial and disinfectant products.

Useful for removing bacteria in vehicle interiors as well as sanitising hands and surfaces

Skin Protection

Beneath workwear, at your natural, last line of defense, you can prevent and repair damage to skin caused by cold conditions and dry winter air with our barrier creams and nourishing lotions.

Workplace Lighting

Maintain your productivity and keep your tasks in focus with our workplace lighting! From hand help torches to headlamps and stationary spotlights, you can find a wide range of lights to stave off darkness in the winter months.

Explore our workplace lighting range below.

Working Lights
Cordless Lamps
Cordless Torches
Head Lamps

Find even more quality workwear for cold conditions below

Thermal Wear
Weatherproof Sets