Change how you view your stock management forever with ORSY


By Jon Harrison

We all have one…that shelf that contains absolutely everything you need to do your job. It's an unorganised mess filled with half-empty cans of sprays, loose nuts and bolts and everything else under the sun. It can be impossible to know what you have or what you need until it's too late. Sounds like you? Well, we have the solution, our ORSY system offers you the ability to save time and money.

Say goodbye to searching for C-Parts and wasted time counting stock to see what you need to order. Our iconic red racking system, combined with our helpful local consultants will ensure you have the stock you need, when you need it, hassle-free.

If you want to take the stress, time and effort out of your stock management, we have your back. In this article, we will show you everything that ORSY has to offer.


What is ORSY?

ORSY stands for ORganised SYstems. Simple and effective like our system. So what is the ORSY system?

It's a modular system of customised rack components designed to meet the needs of the customer. Each system can be configured and designed according to our customer's needs. We offer a wide variety of solutions so that each of our customers receives a storage unit that is perfect for all their stock storage and maintenance needs. Each of our units comes stocked with individual storage locations labelled with a barcode so when you are running low on stock you can call your local rep or jump onto our Online store to stock up. Alternatively, we also offer the use of a scanner system to trigger reorders via the online shop meaning you can spend more time getting work done and less time searching for products.

Benefits of having an ORSY


  • Maximum process reliability through transparent inventory overview and control
  • Easy processing
  • Optimum use of existing storage space
  • Quick access to items
  • Permanent product range controlling

So what solutions do we offer?

We offer a range of different solutions ranging from standard box systems to our latest vending machine style product.



The ORSY Bull system is ideal for both mobile and stationary applications. The storage unit is both corrosion resistant and non- warping making it perfect for anyone looking for an optimised and flexible workspace.

The ORSY®BULL box system is a very sturdy and flexible all-rounder. It only takes a few simple steps for you to turn to your storage system for tools or a small workbench on perfect for the construction site.

The boxes match each other in such a way that boxes of the same series can be stacked and locked onto each other.



For anyone who works out of their work van, we also offer the ORSY Mobil solution. Our variable racking structure offers maximum individuality; thanks to the special design. Würth's variable vehicle equipment can be adjusted down to the last detail to suit the needs of your trade and your services.

This solution makes optimal use of the limited space inside the vehicle. This approach gives a high degree of flexibility which is made possible through five standard field widths, three installation depths and a 30mm vertical grid. The intelligent combination of aluminium, steel and plastic reduces weight, which in turn has a positive impact on fuel costs for your vehicle.

We also offer a modular approach with prefabricated steel components for maximum load-bearing capacity: the sturdy design of Würth's modular vehicle equipment makes it ideal for even the heaviest mechanical loads.

As we know, the mechanical load placed on vehicle equipment is especially high in the building and civil engineering sectors and for these we would suggest our modular ORSY Mobil solution. Würth's modular vehicle equipment made of high-strength structural steel elements is the ideal solution for builders and engineers. This model is characterized by its especially high load-bearing capacity and stability, as well as customisable special solutions such as an extendable workbench to allow you the space to work safely while onsite.

At Würth, consultants with proven industry experience and cutting-edge software ensure that your customized vehicle equipment is planned quickly, easily and according to your wishes. We can generate an accurate visualization of your specifications with our 3D planning tool, thus giving you a clear image of your future vehicle equipment.

Our Customers

While it's all well and good us telling you how great our products are the true testimony comes from our valued customers.

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"The System makes everyone's life easier. Stock control is so much quicker meaning our time isn't spent searching for service consumables and it saves me a huge amount of time as I don't have to drive to any another suppliers. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to find" - Niall Lucas of Lucas Plant Hire, Co. Carlow.

Enquire about your very own ORSY System:

Now that you know what the ORSY system is and the full range of solutions that we offer you probably want to know how you can get one for yourself. Well, it's very simple, feel free to scan through our website and our online catalogue or give your local rep a call who will pay you a visit to speak about your options and give you the best solution to suit your needs. Change how you view your stock management forever, save time and money and let us look after you. We look forward to your call